Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Protecting Your Property In Case Of Fire

Our Fire Safety Solutions
Our state of the art fire detection systems consist of number of devices working together to detect and warn you through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other emergencies are present.
We use industry leading manufacturers to provide the best protection for your property.
Fire Alarm Control Panels/ Contol Boxes
Control Boxes & Panels

The control panels monitor & control the alarm system and the fire dectection system, performing a number of functions, such as monitoring of all detection devices, controlling alarms and signalling units and providing power and battery backup to system.

Fire/Smoke Detectors & Devices
Detectors & Devices

There are many types of detection technologies for sensing and detecting the presence of smoke, heat or other early warnign signs of fire. We can provide a full fire safety assessment and provide sound advice and suggest the solution of detection most suitable for your property.

Fire Alarms & Signalling Devices
Alarms & Signalling

Our Fire sounders and signalling devices relay the current condition of the alarm on your property. In the event that an alarm is activated, it alerts people to an emergency situation, enabling the safe and swift evacuation of all personnel.

Fire Alarm Maintainance & Fire Alarm Repair
Maintainance & Repair

Service and maintenance is essential to ensure the lifespan of your system, reduce false activations and ensure it works when it's needed most. We provide full servicing and maintainance for all our systems.

Fire Alarm Monitoring Service
Fire Alarm Monitoring

We can also register your property to national and provincial alarm receiving centres. In the event of an alarm activation, a digital signal is sent to the alarm receiving centre who will call the fire brigade immediateley.

Advanced Fire Alarm Systems
Cooper Fire Alarm Systems
Ctec Fire Alarm Systems

Why Choose Us?

Prevention is the primary objective of all our fire alarm systems, however should a fire break out early automatic fire detection is essential. By Saving as much time as possible through the early warning system could make the difference to your property's ability to recover from a fire with minimal disruption. Fire Detection systems provide the earliest possible warning of a developing fire, which could make all the difference in your propertys structural integrity. For all our clients we can design, advise, supply, install and provide maintainance of fire alarm systems.

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